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Sew in Weave

Hair extensions or weaves are techniques of lengthening one's hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair. The sew in weave client's natural hair is braided down onto the scalp in cornrows. Then tracks of wefted extension hair is neatly sewn onto the cornrows. Natural human hair can be permed, dyed (before sewing the hair in), and flat ironed whereas synthetic hair cannot.

Hair Braiding

A braid is a tress made most commonly of three equal sections of hair t(up to six sections) that overlap each other taking turns inward from left to right. A braided hairstyle can be made up of one braid on the client's head or up to hundreds in one hairstyle. There are various styles of braiding the main two being Single Braids: a braid that swings from the head individually. The other type is called cornrows. Cornrows: braids that lay flat onto the scalp. Simple and intricate designs can be braided into many patterns drawn onto the scalp.

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists are done with two sections of straight hair both twisted then twisted together. This style requires a braider with strength and dexterity as it requires the hair to be tightly twisted going down the line of the twist.

Micro Illusion™

The Micro Illusion™ is when small or micro single braids or twists are braided around the circumference of the hair line and the middle is a sewn in weave effectively covered by micros creating the illusion of an entire head full of micro braids. The
Micro Illusion™ may also be done with "Latch Hook" styles.

Medical Wigs

Medical Wigs are usually custom wig units for patients battling alopecia, stress related hair loss, cancer and head injuries. Custom wigs are also used to create any fashionable design that comes to mind. WigsRx™ is Queen of New York's line of custom medical and aesthetic wigs providing you with the ultimate in quality, comfort and versatility. Your medical wig unit from WigsRx may be covered by your medical insurance. Ask your doctor or insurance provider.

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